This is a zero-calorie
organic sparkling water.
No sugar, funky sweeteners,
or “natural flavors”



Philip Crouse's goal has always been to offer restaurants the best tasting, highest quality beverages available. Over the past four years, he built Cup & Compass, which produces organic tea and lemonade concentrates for restaurants. Seriously Unsweetened grew from conversations with his customers and his own personal love for sparkling water.

In crafting the product line, he very carefully selected only the highest quality organic ingredients - and never any artificial sweeteners or “natural flavors.” Seriously Unsweetened offers the satisfaction of a bubbly refreshment, without the added chemicals and sugars typically found in sodas and other flavored drinks. We’re proud to use fruit extracted from fresh USDA organic produce. And we give 1% of sales to environmental non-profits because we like to be nice to our planet, seriously.




We wish for all Seriously bottles to be recycled and re-used, which is why we’re donating 1% of proceeds to Recycle Across America. Recycle Across America is working to facilitate and standardize labeling systems for bins across the nation, making it easier for people to recycle right. The standardized labels are proven to increase recycling levels and significantly decrease the costly garbage thrown in recycling bins, helping both the environment and the economy. Part of your Seriously Unsweetened purchase will support the program’s growth and help bring recycling education to new cities. It's that simple, and every little bit can make a difference.